Sonitrol Security Systems of Bridgeport


HEAR THE EVIL using Audio Detection

Sonitrol offers the world's premiere audio security systems which actively listen and "hear" a break-in before security is compromised. The Sonitrol audio system instantly warns that an intrusion is about to take place by detecting pre-entry noises such as tampering with skylights, doors or windows. Those critical seconds give authorities the extra time they need to "catch the criminal in the act." Quick police response saves your business by stopping criminals early in the act. Sonitrol and the police are united in the fight against crime.


SEE THE EVIL with Visual Verification

Sonitrol continues our tradition of using the latest technology to create security that's always one step ahead of the shrewdest criminal mind. At the instant a crime occurs, the new Sonitrol Micro-cam takes pictures of the criminal act while it's in progress! In seconds, the images are transmitted to your monitoring command center where Sonitrol's trained professionals instantly fax the photographs to the police, When used with Sonitrol's exclusive audio system, you have eyes and ears which provide instant, unparalleled information for an intelligent response.


STOP THE EVIL - Apprehensions

Over 124,738 criminals have been captured as a direct result of the Sonitrol system, Our audio verified system provides the maximum amount of information available while the crime is occurring, Sonitrol's signature audio system combined with new micro-cam technology instantly provides essential information needed to help catch and prosecute the criminals using their own words and actions.


Sonitrol is more than Intrusion Detection

Sonitrol is a deterrent


Knowing that you are protected by Sonitrol gives you peace of mind 24 Hours a day, 365 Days a Year.


Knowing that you are protected by Sonitrol makes criminals think twice.

Sonitrol Provides Access Control:

Controlling and tracking access to restricted areas within your facilities is critical to effective protection of people and property. Sonitrol puts you in control, allowing access to be limited by individual, by time of day, by designated entrances, or by other criteria.

Sonitrol Detects Heat, Fire, Smoke and Toxic Gasses

The effect of a fire out of control reaches far beyond property damage. The menace that a fire poses to life safety is always a paramount concern. Sonitrol Draws on advanced technologies to ensure early detection and a quick response

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