Connecticut Traffic Cams

  teams up with Connecticut Department of Transportation to provide you with timely traffic information. The images here are updated every 2 minutes!

    Connecticut has installed many digital cameras along the Route 95 corridor to monitor road and  traffic conditions. These traffic cams start in Greenwich and continue through Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Milford, West Haven, New Haven and Branford along route 95. There is also one camera on Route 25 near Route 95. On Route 91 there are 3 cameras, One north of Exit 48 on Route 95 in New Haven, One at Route 91 Exit 27 in Hartford, and one on top of the Travelers Building in Hartford that covers the Route 91 and Route 84 Interchange. 

    We hope you will check back here often to check highway conditions before you embark on your road trip to check out the conditions of our highways.

Interstate 91 in Hartford, Ct

Interstate 84/91 Interchange from the top of the Travelers Building in Hartford

I-91 Exit 27 in Hartford

I-91 New Haven North of I-95 Exit 48 (MP 0.3)

Interstate Route 95 in Connecticut


Connecticut Route 25

Greenwich Cameras

Stamford Cameras

Darien Cameras

Norwalk Cameras

Westport & Fairfield Cameras

Bridgeport & Milford Cameras

West Haven & New Haven



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