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Funny Ads

California Map & Travel Center (5/14/04)    
Tooheys Beer (5/14/04) 1.02 Meg Wmv
Bierbitzch Beer (5/10/04) 684K Wmv
Hahn Beer (3/22/04) 2.2 Meg Mpeg
SmartBeep (3/22/04) 338K Asf
Accuserv Copier Repair (3/22/04) 452K Wmv
Heinz Microwavable Soups (3/22/04) 476K Wmv
IKEA - Tidy Up 1.15 Meg Mpeg
Zazoo Ad 3.07 Meg Mpeg
Citi Card Ad with Treadmill 2.3 Meg Mpeg
ram-yeon (Korean instant noodles) from South Korea 1.06 Meg ASF
Epson ad with a Boston Terrier and a cat 720 K Mpeg
John West Salmon 1.9 Meg Mov
PETA Singing Cow 1.5 Meg Mpeg
Boeri Helmets 23 K Jpeg
Pillsbury Doughboy - I don't think Pillsbury approves of this one! 59 K Jpeg
VW Passengers wanted - Hilarious, 'don't think you'll see THIS one on TV 1.4 Meg Mov
Kung Fu Cannabis 1.4 Meg Mpeg
Sony Laptop Ad - Gotta get me one of these! 3.0 Meg Mpeg
Kleenex Ad 82 K Jpeg
Budweiser Dog ad 2.2 Meg Mpeg
French Soap Ad - You won't see this one on American TV either 1 Meg Mpeg
Budweiser Street Luge 1.4 Meg Mpeg
Danish Ad (insurance company who is prepared for any accident) 3.8 Meg Mpeg
Durex Condom Ad 1.6 Meg Mpeg
Kidstoned Chewable Valium (not a real ad) 2 Meg Mpeg
Sask Pork - The one you love (billboard) 15 K Jpeg
Suck It In! - An Ad for Tuna 1.4 Meg WMV
Tits - The snack everyone loves 42 K Jpg
Laid by the Best - Floor Covering Ad? 82 K Jpg
COMVIQ - British Cell Phone Ad 3 Meg Mpg
Lotto Dreams 3.34 Meg Mpg
Brahma Beer - Mexico's answer to the Budweiser Frogs? (see this one first) 823 K Wmv
Brahma Beer - Second ad 976 K Wmv
Molson Beer Ad - Phew! 1.6 Meg Wmv

Other Funnys

Today Show - Wednesday, Aug 2 Blooper 2.1 Meg ASF
2001 Swimsuit Calendar 280 K Jpeg
Actual Float in German Parade (with our X-President) 54 K Jpeg
Bomb Squad Joker 56 K Jpeg
Alien Song  (Alien Disco) 3.13 Meg Mpeg
Great Catch           (Don't try this at home kiddies) 1.4 Meg Mpeg
Singing Mouse 4.7 Meg Mpeg
Pianistas - (You figure it out) 635 K ASF
Those Fu King Chinese 21K Jpeg
Like Sushi? 51K Jpeg
Ah, L'Amour - Life as a guy 1.7 Meg ASF
McDonalds Parking Sign 11K Jpeg
Park Sign - Is this is in Hell, Montana? 20K Jpeg

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